Research & Development

Research & Development

Our research and development software solution offers unique functionality across and between research and development quality groups. The software facilitates quality and compliance oversight of quality activities and related facets such as environmental safety, corporate policies/procedures, computer systems usage, pharmacovigilance/product safety, third party evaluations/assessments, regulatory inspections, CAPA, nonconformances, customer complaints, and regulatory governance.

CodersPack's research and development software solution is a user-configurable, validated, off-the-shelf tool designed and developed

by QA professionals, for QA professionals. Whether the organization is a small start-up company, a division of a larger organization, or a corporate group, CodersPack understands your business. Regardless of the organization's size, users can configure CodersPack's R&D software to effectively and efficiently manage all quality, compliance, and CAPA programs. Versatile tools allow users to manage dictionary terminology, create custom screen labels, configure workflows, and design templates.

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